About Estec Console Game Club

The Estec Console Games Club (ECGC) is providing joy to kids, parents and grown-ups and our aim is to let the people at Estec enjoy all different kinds of console games, both at Estec and in their own homes. We have done this since 2008 and grown in popularity.

We support ESTEC children`s party and other official events such as ESTEC Team day and ESTEC Fun day. We also arrange competition/league events for different sport genre or fantasy games

We currently have games available for the Playstation 2/3/4. PS VITA and brand new PS5!, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, brand new XBox Series X!, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch and we do have some classical emulator consoles for retro gaming!

Please see the database from any computer behind the ESTEC firewall (ESA365) to see what goodies the club can offer you!.

We are currently looking for some volunteers who can help us behind the counter, please see Duty Roster page. Here you can also find out about opening times by seeing whom is volunteering.

If you cannot access Teams please contact Jens Laursen and he will add you to the Teams group

Details about the club can be found on this homepage, or you can ask your colleagues or contact one of the committee members of the Estec Console Games Club

Here is the SSCC website with all the clubs

This to be removed, link to old website

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